May update

It’s been a crochet and spinning month. I finished my second pair of sideways socks:

And I finally found a pattern for my first (usable) skein of homespun. It wasn’t a lot of yardage, so needed a pattern that would stretch it a bit. The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf by Tamara Kelly with its net pattern proved perfect for that:

And it’s still nicely warm and solid when looped:

In the spinning department, the wholly wonderful Natalie Servant had brought me back some Hedgehog Fibres fleece from Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto. Seen here in my cute little project bag made by Sarah:

I managed to spin up about half of it before life got in the way again, and I really love the way it came out:

Now to spin up the other half and forever ply the two. ;o)

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I’m spinning round, round, baby, right round …

collective b-day munnies
+ collective x-mas munnies to be
+ my teaching munnies
Brand-spankin’ new spinning wheel!!!

Meet Julia:


Happy Birthday to me. Oh yeah. :o)))

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Never fun, but nothing bad either, just general teeth cleaning.

To reward myself I went to spinning night, though. It’s been something like a year since I had my spindle out. I was surprised how well it went. I spun up quite a bit of undyed merino. No clue yet what I’m going to do with it.

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Second spinning class went a bit better already. I’d been practicing all week and put together a fairly decent sampler yesterday, if I say so myself.

Oh, and I’m typing all this on a brand new Wave keyboard, courtesy of the tiger. It’s a dream to type on. Veeeeery comfy.

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