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November Update

Ravelry talk is often the reason I get interested in a pattern or other. So it’s probably no surprise that I absolutely had to knit a Quaker Yarn Stretcher, when Julianna started chatting about it in her group. Rather than using a color-changing yarn, I decided to use up a few odds and ends I had kicking around. Here’s the result:

I also test knit a great shawl pattern for Natalie Servant that I can’t talk about yet. Suffice it to say I enjoyed it enormously and looove the result. More when it’s actually published.

Oh, and I made another Juliana. This one is for my friend Joanne, who makes the most wonderful quilts, and who’s going to quilt a table runner for me. She doesn’t crochet, and I don’t sew. Ergo: swap. Tada!

Last, not least, I’m expecting a new nieflet in December. This means baby blankie. I give you the Winter Baby Wrap:

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