Yarn Aquisition Road Trip

The plan was to have breakfast, go to Wool’n’Things in Orleans and split after maybe lunch. But after coming out of the store, loaded with bags, hyped and ready to do more damage, we looked at each other going ‘And now?’ So onward we quested to Wool-Tyme in Nepean. Then over lunch it was communicated to us that the Ashton Store had just gotten in a bunch of silk lace. What’s a knitter to do, but to shoulder the burden. ;o)

I confess that I went a little over board all in all and spent quite a bit more money than I had planned to. (Had I known about the silk lace that morning, I would have been more conservative in Orleans.) That said, it’s awfully hard to feel contrite when one is surrounded by bagfuls of handpainted silk, cashmere, baby merino and their yarngasmic ilk. *happy sigh*

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Annual yarn sale today

I got up suuuuper early for a Saturday morning (6:30). The tiger proclaimed me nuts and pulled the duvet over his eyes.

But it was sooooo worth it. I came home with the yummiest Handmaiden seasilk¬† and Fleece Artist lace imaginable, some really nice Lucy Neatby sockyarn, a cool, breezy bamboo for summer knitting and my coveted Berroco Seduce at half price. Of course I couldn’t wait to start a scarf with the latter, even though I’m in the middle of a test knit. Baaaad. girl.

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Road trip

Went on a stash enrichment excursion with the girls today, to Janie H. Knits in beautiful Perth. We reveled in yummy yarns and wonderful books, then went for lunch in a really nice bakery cum cafe and came away with huge piles of treasures and large dents in our wallets.  Good day.

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Road trip

Went to Perth today with friends (one of whom brought her adorable 2 year old going on eight). Had lunch at the Fiddlehead in Code’s Mill, bought fresh coffee from the local roastery; and then us four girls hit Janie H Knits, the little one racing around the isles and aquiring her first piece of stash by way of a pair of dark manga eyes, the adults swooning over the selection and spending way too much money. But I came home with treasures. And I found the yarn for the dead fish hat the tiger requested (yes, there are weird patterns out there). All around a beautiful day in the face of some really grey weather with a mix of wet snow and rain.

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