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It’s the FIFA World Cup, baby

So, I had my world cup project, Bristol Ivy’s stunning Folded Lace Tank, carefully picked out weeks ago, yarn and needles at the ready, and I was totally on track to finish in time, when I ran out of yarn an inch before the shoulder seam (bottom-up construction). When I took it off the needles I saw why–it was a tent. No clue what happened there. my swatch was good. Must have changed tension right after cast-on. Anyway, nothing for it, but to frog the whole thing and start over two sizes smaller. So, no world cup project.

June’s charity knit is a one-skein reversible cowl that uses The Dudester Scarf pattern. Except, with only one skein, it’s became a cowl instead.


I really love this pattern, striking and easily memorizable. I see lots more of these in my future.

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