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January is proving a little nuts

After the blanket I wanted a small! project, so I started socks, then agreed to help a friend by crocheting along a stuffed bear, and now I signed up to test a gingham scarf pattern. I’ve been looking for a good knit gingham pattern for a long time, so this has me very excited. I’ll let y’all know as soon as I finish something.

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What have I been doing over Christmas and New Years?

Why, knitting, of course. I finally finished the never-ending blanket, much to the delight of its recipient. A mere two years and two months after its conception I give you Spirit of Tiger and Dragon:

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Ontarian winter

Every time there’s a dramatic temperature change (like the recent plummet from 0C to -23C in 24h) I listen to the house settle with loud groans and cracks, and I feel a twinge of trepidation for the large glass panes of the sliding door in the back. So far, the door’s just peachy.

But last night temps rocketed back up to just below 0C. I started up out of deep sleep to a gunshot-like crack, but didn’t see or hear anything else and finally went back to sleep, thinking it might not have actually been as loud as I’d imagined (as proven by the tiger snoozing peacefully through it).

When I opened the blinds this morning, however, I saw a long crack running diagonally through the pane of one of our bedroom windows. I think it’s only the inside of a double pane, but I guess it’ll have to be replaced. *le sigh*

Anything like that ever happen to you?

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