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I’m behind on the Pi KAL

The fourth installment was posted on Sunday, and I just did the first few rounds of the third. I did, however finish the shawl for my mom:


That’s the first Christmas present taken care of. Yay!

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Knitter’s BBQ

Had a blast at a friend’s house out near Dunrobin today, with kids and dogs and lotsa yarn. The weather played nice, it wasn’t too hot, but nicely warm and sunny. I even got a slight sunburn on one side, but nothing a little aloe won’t take care of in a day or two.

We had burgers and hotdogs, salad and corn chips, and cookies, cake, brownies and flapjacks for dessert. The tiger, who had to work, gratefully received a care package of chocolate cake and brownies. Thanks guys, that was awesome.

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This morning the living room was actually chilly. The thermostat read 18°C, and I had to put on socks. I think the last time I wore socks was some time in early June. It’s gray and rainy and generally very autumnal outside. All those shawl lying about the house sure come in handy today. *brrr*

So, I did what one does on a rainy weekend, I took a long luxurious bath, knitted my way thru the second installment of the Pi shawl KAL and finished my first stash basket:


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Much cooler today

I actually sat out on the deck in the sun with my newest project for a couple of hours. I think the last time I ventured out of the shade if I didn’t have to was in back in May. ;o)

I’m working on a stash basket that’s going to be a prototype for a whole system of yarn storage I want to put up in the stairwell to the basement. In the spirit of: A wall is a shelf waiting to happen.

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The shrug is done

Really fun knitting with all those colors. I just have to be careful what I wear it with:


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Yarn Aquisition Road Trip

The plan was to have breakfast, go to Wool’n’Things in Orleans and split after maybe lunch. But after coming out of the store, loaded with bags, hyped and ready to do more damage, we looked at each other going ‘And now?’ So onward we quested to Wool-Tyme in Nepean. Then over lunch it was communicated to us that the Ashton Store had just gotten in a bunch of silk lace. What’s a knitter to do, but to shoulder the burden. ;o)

I confess that I went a little over board all in all and spent quite a bit more money than I had planned to. (Had I known about the silk lace that morning, I would have been more conservative in Orleans.) That said, it’s awfully hard to feel contrite when one is surrounded by bagfuls of handpainted silk, cashmere, baby merino and their yarngasmic ilk. *happy sigh*

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Still a bit muggy, but supposed to clear up later

My double knitted cowl is finally dry, so I could take some pictures:

cowl composite

I really like the way it turned out. Very nice pattern.

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26°C – Thunderstorms

Tiger’s on the mend. He felt good enough by evening to go out and eat a bite at our favorite Italian around the corner. Yay!

It’s been raining cats and dogs and hippos all day and for a good chunk of last night. We were catapulted out of bed around 6:30 this morning by a clap of thunder that sounded as if the neighbor’s house had exploded. It’s been a deluge ever since. I’m so glad I decided not to bike to my knit breakfast this morning, but had a lift instead. That would have been impossible.

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My latest test knit, the double knitted cowl is finished and blocking as we speak (so to speak). There’s some ruffling on the cast-off edge, but I hope the blocking will take care of that. Pics when it’s dry.

The poor tiger is still out of commission so we’ll reschedule our afternoon plans as well. Hope he’s better tomorrow. No fun that.

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I couldn’t help myself; had to cast on sth with my pretty new hand-painted yarn. I went thru a couple of shawl patterns, but finally decided on a shrug, fittingly called “Indifference”. I’m so easily amused.

The tiger came home early with a bad migraine today, poor guy, so I canceled the breakfast for tomorrow. We’ll see how things go from there.

I installed the first of the two trellises in the backyard, and it looks quite nice. I’ll have to take pics.

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