Bwahaha … knitters

After washing, blocking and already wearing it once, I just found an errant stitch marker on the inside of my tabard shirt. Way to go.

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Progress Report

I finished the Tabard shirt a while ago, but only now got around to taking pictures:

Thinking about writing up the pattern, but I still have some other designs lying around that I should deal with first. I love coming up with them – writing them down? Not so much.

I also finished test knitting Natalie’s Manhattan Bridge shawl, which I love and can’t wait to wear when fall comes around again. Pictures will have to wait until she’s published the pattern, though.

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Summer’s here

Weathering this scorcher of a long weekend mostly in the shade. Yesterday’s knit breakfast was delightfully spent on a little patch of grass under a maple tree in front of the Second Cup. Occasional bonks from maple keys aside, it was a truly awesome knitting spot. And the iced Caramel Correttos rounded things out rather nicely, I thought.

Progress-wise I finished the tabard’s back and am about a third down the front, so things are coming along, despite the heat. Oh, and that extra skein I thought I might need? My amazing LYS has set it aside for me. Did I mention they rock?

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Didn’t get much knitting time these past two weeks

But I had the pleasure of friends visiting from abroad, so all is good.

And I did manage some sewing that usually falls by the wayside. I managed to finally fix the sleeves on my rainbow cardi and have already worn it and really love it now. And I sewed the hook and eye closure on Maxima — very nice.

Other than that I only did two or three rows on Cecily and some twelve or so inches on the tabard tee I’m working on — nearly straight stockinette, so perfect for on the bus.

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I was weak yesterday

You see, my LYS had this sale …  I guess you can tell where this is going? Yeah, I bought a bunch of new yarn.

I have this idea for a summer shirt that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’m thinking something tabard with a fake undershirt. I was poring over sketch and gauge and construction last night when the tiger, always helpful,  remarked: “Don’t think too hard; I think I can see steam coming out your ears.” Right.

I cast on at some point, ripped back out, cast on again, rinse and repeat. I think I have a starting point now, but I had to go down a couple of needle sizes from the one recommended on the ball band, so now I have no clue, if I have enough yarn. We’ll see, I guess. I’ll try to knit up the back fast, so I can better determine how far what I have will get me, and maybe still have a chance to get the same dye lot. Of course, if I have to buy more it won’t be on sale anymore. *headdesk*

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