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Making time

The second half of 2014 has been extremely busy, jobwise, which is good, but didn’t leave me a lot of time for yarny goodness, and I’ve sadly neglected the blog as well.

2015 promises to continue in the same vein, and since, according to an old adage, the only way to have more time for what one wants to do is to make time, I’m resolved to carve out a day for my fibre obsession here and there. I’ll try to keep Fibre Fridays. This might not always happen, or, when it does, I might not have time to blog about it, but something is better than nothing, right?

Today I managed a Fibre Friday. I’ve bought a couple of skeins of Shirley Brian’s lovely gradient yarn a while ago and have been working on a new knitting design for these slightly larger skeins. Today I finished the protottype. It’s a one-skein, asymmetric triangle shawlette with pattern stripes running the width of it, just like the plow or plant rows in a field, thus the pattern name ‘Triangle Field‘.

I’m really happy with it. The Shirley Brian yarn is juuust a tad finicky to knit, because the plies are not twisted, but it has a beautiful drape, and I can’t wait to see it blocked.

Now I have to write down the pattern, and then I want to work up a second prototype for the more standard 400 yd fingering skeins. After that, I’ll be looking for testers.

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