Didn’t get much knitting time these past two weeks

But I had the pleasure of friends visiting from abroad, so all is good.

And I did manage some sewing that usually falls by the wayside. I managed to finally fix the sleeves on my rainbow cardi and have already worn it and really love it now. And I sewed the hook and eye closure on Maxima — very nice.

Other than that I only did two or three rows on Cecily and some twelve or so inches on the tabard tee I’m working on — nearly straight stockinette, so perfect for on the bus.

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I’m easily bored

… especially with miles of stockinette stitch in fingering weight on 3.25mm needles. So I put Cecily aside for a bit to start an instant gratification project, a cardi with Manos Maxima on 5mm needles. Mind you, it’s still miles of stockinette, but it has color changes, and it goes so much faster. Besides,the yarn is soft and squishy and altogether to die for. I’ve been wanting to knit with this forever. Oh, and it’s been in my stash since last summer, so it totally counts as stash-down. WIN!

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