The Gradient patterns are up!

I know, it’s been a super long time coming, but I finally got my butt in gear, went through all my tester feedback, and finished writing up the pattern. They are available as a pattern download on ravelry, either separately, or, with a bit of savings, all three together as a booklet. Click the image to go to the page:

Gradient booklet

I also finally finished my world cup Folded Lace Tank, second edition:


It was so worth re-knitting. It fits perfectly now, and I just adore the drape of this yarn (Estelle Cadenza, for those who are dying to know).

Didn’t feel much like heavy yarn knitting in the heat, so August’s charity knit had to be a small one:


The pattern is the Top-Down Timothy Cap by Splindarella. The beginning is a tad fiddly, but once at the straight down part, it’s an easy 3-4 rib, I love the top down construction, because with the donated skeins (usually without ball bands), I never know how much yardage I’m getting. Already thinking about making another one.

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It’s the FIFA World Cup, baby

So, I had my world cup project, Bristol Ivy’s stunning Folded Lace Tank, carefully picked out weeks ago, yarn and needles at the ready, and I was totally on track to finish in time, when I ran out of yarn an inch before the shoulder seam (bottom-up construction). When I took it off the needles I saw why–it was a tent. No clue what happened there. my swatch was good. Must have changed tension right after cast-on. Anyway, nothing for it, but to frog the whole thing and start over two sizes smaller. So, no world cup project.

June’s charity knit is a one-skein reversible cowl that uses The Dudester Scarf pattern. Except, with only one skein, it’s became a cowl instead.


I really love this pattern, striking and easily memorizable. I see lots more of these in my future.

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