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Black Lace Scarf

Black Lace Scarf
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Finished the test knit. Bit of a boring knit in the middle there, but with the 12 row repeat still not quite mindless enough to do it blindly. I don’t know if I’d do it again, but I do like the way it turned out, so all’s well that ends well.

And I’m now free to start on my swap mitts. I have the tiger’s permission to use the left-over yarn from the dead fish hat, so they’ll be orange and brown.

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Joined a swap

for fingerless gloves/mittens today. Good thing though that the swap isn’t until the end of June, ’cause I still have a test knit for a lace scarf to finish. I should really pace myself a bit better.

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Good use for a rainy day

Had a blast today with a handful of other knitters making body doubles of ourselves as dress forms. Picture a bunch of girls covering each other in duct tape like in this tutorial:

duct taping for mannequin

The resulting mannequins look quite professional, and I started using mine already. It makes trying on a half finished sweater so much easier.

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Another pair of socks

Birch socks
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One can never have enough of those. This is Cherry Tree Hill yarn. Sockittome Select. Sooooo soft and luxurious. Love it. Ok, back to work.

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Started this last fall

Garden shawl
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but it’s quite big, so it took me a while to finish it. Got the yarn from a traveling stash. It’s a little coarser than I’d normally like for a lace shawl, but this I wanted as a throw for out on the deck or in the garden, so it needs to withstand some wear and tear, and for that it’s perfect.

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6°C – light rain

Excellent weekend so far (for us that is, a very sad one for Poland). The tiger took me to the little Italian restaurant around the corner Friday night. Always good food and outstanding service.

This morning we had breakfast with friends and chatted until well past noon. And tomorrow I’ll finally make it out to the stitch’n’bitch breakfast again. Missed that one for a couple of months and am looking forward to it. Go me

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7°C – thunderstorms

Wow, after an Easter weekend waaaay above seasonal temperatures, we now dropped below with a forecast of flurries for tomorrow night. It’s blustery, raining more or less all day (‘t was just pouring earlier), with thunderstorms rolling through as if there was something to be had for free on the other side.

Knitting was fun tonight, though. There was a radio dude from a small college station, recording conversations, asking questions  and generally amazed at how fun and slightly rowdy a bunch we were. ;o) Will have to try and catch when it airs next week.

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Finished the test mitts

Funky mittens
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at the end of another scorching day. That’s it. I’m done with winter knits for the season. Got myself some beautiful shiny pima cotton for a summer sweater today. My easter present. :o)

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