Maxima cardi

I sewed up the seams today and took some pictures. I love this cardi so much. I can’t wait to wear it to knit night tomorrow.

I initially thought about knitting the sleeves in the round, but then decided on flat to give them the structure of a seam. For the same reason I decided against knitting cuff to cuff; I think it really profits from the seam in the back. Apart from which it was much easier to wield in two pieces.

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Finished the knitting part of my Maxima cardi yesterday and wove in all the ends. I tacked it together with stitch markers to try it on and looove it. It’s super tempting to just sew it up and wear it. But I think I’ll block it first, so the seams will be all straight (not that there are a lot — just the sides/arms). It usually pays off, even if it irks me right now.

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I’m easily bored

… especially with miles of stockinette stitch in fingering weight on 3.25mm needles. So I put Cecily aside for a bit to start an instant gratification project, a cardi with Manos Maxima on 5mm needles. Mind you, it’s still miles of stockinette, but it has color changes, and it goes so much faster. Besides,the yarn is soft and squishy and altogether to die for. I’ve been wanting to knit with this forever. Oh, and it’s been in my stash since last summer, so it totally counts as stash-down. WIN!

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