5°C – sun and clouds

I finally managed to get the Christmas lights up. Took me a while to string the new lights, and the wind was fierce. It gave me a heart attack when it blew the ladder over and into our glass door. Thankfully I wasn’t on it, and the door survived. The plastic protector broke off the top of the ladder, but that I can live with.

We had dinner at the Mongolian Village with the tiger’s brother and his wife. They’re expecting a baby in the spring, and we were busy discussing the pros and cons of various names. I’ll have to find me a pattern for a nice heirloom baby blanket. Always exciting to welcome an extension to the family.

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*Brrrr* It cooled down considerably. Waiting for the bus on my way to knitting tonight the thought of zipping the winter liner into my jacket crossed my mind a few times. I set up the kettle for my hot chocolate as soon as I was there. Yum.

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Still no rain

Watering the geraniums
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… but it’s very muggy, overcast and stormy looking. I’ve been running around with the hose and watering can to give some emergency relief to those most affected.

We have steaks for another BBQ tonight, but no clue if the weather holds.

I was going to paint the trellises, but frittered the day away on pattern making instead. Computers are such time eaters; it’s scary. Cool stuff, though, designing your own patterns. Maybe more about this later.

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Still hot

Though it rained for 5 minutes around 8:30 pm, which dropped the temp two or three degrees and upped the humidity by a factor of 2. I don’t think we can call that a win:win situation. The good news is, I’m slowly getting used to heat and feel less dead. Our fingerless mitten swap was today – hilarious show to see people try to model their woollen mittens on sweaty arms and then pull them off stat after the picture was taken. All the mittend were awesome, and I absolutely adore the pair I was given. Too bad I’ll have to wait half a year before I can use them. Can’t wait for the next swap. This was fun.

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7°C – thunderstorms

Wow, after an Easter weekend waaaay above seasonal temperatures, we now dropped below with a forecast of flurries for tomorrow night. It’s blustery, raining more or less all day (‘t was just pouring earlier), with thunderstorms rolling through as if there was something to be had for free on the other side.

Knitting was fun tonight, though. There was a radio dude from a small college station, recording conversations, asking questions  and generally amazed at how fun and slightly rowdy a bunch we were. ;o) Will have to try and catch when it airs next week.

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Lazy Sunday

We did go back to bed after our early guest send-off and slept in. I only did a bit of clean-up and cooking today. The rest of the day was well spent with a stunning hand-painted fingering weight and a very nice pattern and a relaxing bath (not at the same time). Perfect program for a rainy, windy, grey day.

In other news, we spotted our pond fish for the first time this year. The mild temperatures have woken them up from their hibernation. They’re still quite sluggish, though. The rain did away with most of the ice and snow cover on the pond, and the deck is officially snow-free now. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Spring has sprong

’twas a beautiful day today, mild, sth like +5C with sun and clouds. Big patches of grass are appearing between the snow banks. Unfortunately I had to go to the dentist, but nothing too bad.

Took the opportunity to hop over to the Lee Valley to pick up some replacement trays we’d ordered for our mini greenhouses, the Ikea to get some shelf brackets (these are for the bedroom, to install a window sill) and candles, and to the Michael’s to get some felt for the tiger’s dead fish hat (the felt’s for the eyes) and some pins for blocking. I also found a tie dye kit I couldn’t pass up. I want to try that for yarn painting, esp. the cotton that my acid dyes won’t work on. Mhmmm, now I can’t wait to get back to yarn dyeing. But first, more shelf staining.

At least I kicked the monkey off my chest and finished the frelling newsletter, and if my betas don’t find anything fantastically wrong with it, it goes public tomorrow. Someone remind me again why I volunteer for these things?

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