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Testers needed

So far fibre Friday are a success. I managed to write up the pattern for my latest brain child, Triangle Field, which comes in two versions (see below). I didn’t blog last week, but did finish the second prototype. \o/

So, now I need testers for both versions.

The slightly longer version takes 1 skein of Shirley Brian Yarns:
Triangle Field (long)

The slightly shorter version takes 1 skein (about 400 yds) of fingering weight:
Triangle Field (short)

Deadline: April 15th
(I knit each of these in 4 or 5 evenings, so they don’t take long.)

If you’d like to test knit either of these, please mail your email address to buntart(at)babyl(dot)ca
so I can send you the pattern and a short (1 page) survey.

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