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5°C – rain

So, gave my first crochet class today. I was a bit nervous, but it went ok, I think. Everyone assured me they were ok with the pace and what they had learned in their first two hours, so my time estimate was pretty spot on. Though I confess to having had the next bit prepared just in case they’d all whizz through the first part. Well, less preparation for next week.

The tiger picked me up afterwards. We were going to check out the Italian on the corner, but it was still closed, so we had dinner in a diner across the road instead. Nothing to write home about. The restaurant was almost empty, the food juuuust ok. And the view of a rain-drenched late October parking lot didn’t significantly improve the experience.

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Been fiddling around with pictures and paper to print ball bands for the hand dyed yarn I’m selling. I’m not convinced I have the best possible yet, but for now I’m satisfied:

ball bands

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13°C – showers

I wrote up my first pattern and uploaded it on Ravelry. I didn’t expect quite so many people to be interested in it. I’m amazed and stoked and a little overwhelmed by the response. Wow. I can’t wait to see it finished on someone else’s project page. How exciting. :o)

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The knitniters threw a bit of a goodbye party today for Sarah who’s moving to Toronto. There were lots of goodies, gifts, hugs, and even a bit of bubbly. Good thing there’s blogs and Ravelry for staying in touch. *hint, hint*

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We found an excellent breakfast place, called ‘Lunch Box’. A good food, no frills place, right around the corner, reasonably priced, seems to be the locals’ choice. If you’re staying in the High Park area, give it a try.

We then marched to and thru all the yarn stores in the downtown area, and I’ll be bringing home looooots of loot. Also did the touristy thingy thru Chinatown:

dried shrimp

Lunch was a very yummy affair at ‘The Grilled Cheese’ in Kensington Market. Conveniently close to ‘Lettuce Knit‘, where we were told about ‘Nuit Blanche‘ that night and decided to share in the fun. At The Knit Cafe, they were preparing this fantastic knit art installation

knit installation

and invited us for an all night knit night. While we didn’t stay all night (we had some plans for the next day after all), we joined them from 7pm to around 10:30. And bought yarn of course. *hrmp*

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