Looks like I needed the second skein after all

… so I bought that, too. I’m about half way thru the border and have a pretty good idea what the finished shawl will look like now.

Meanwhile, I got sidetracked by my Olympic WIP-wrestling project:

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I’m working on a new design

A while ago I came into possession (there was a sale, I swear) of a skein of sock yarn in amazing hues of blue that immediately reminded me of the Mediterranean, especially as condensed in the town of Sidi Bou Said. Which reminded me that I’d always wanted to play with the beautiful patterns in Tunisian doors and window covers in a design.

On Thursday the unthinkable happened, and I ran out of yarn on my current project during knitnite (lousy planning, I know). But I have a stunning LYS and was allowed to take another of the blue sock yarn balls to have something to play with (remind me to return the one I have at home). After four or five false starts I decided on a hook size and a very simple Tunisian (come on, it had to be) stitch for the body that will focus all attention on the edge (just like the simple lines of the buildings focus attention on the trims).

It’s a super shallow side-to-side triangle that will have a wide added-on lace edge. I’m still playing with the specifics of the edge – in my mind it has the background mesh, scroll work and arches of those stunning Tunisian trims. Stay tuned.

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