Yarn Aquisition Road Trip

The plan was to have breakfast, go to Wool’n’Things in Orleans and split after maybe lunch. But after coming out of the store, loaded with bags, hyped and ready to do more damage, we looked at each other going ‘And now?’ So onward we quested to Wool-Tyme in Nepean. Then over lunch it was communicated to us that the Ashton Store had just gotten in a bunch of silk lace. What’s a knitter to do, but to shoulder the burden. ;o)

I confess that I went a little over board all in all and spent quite a bit more money than I had planned to. (Had I known about the silk lace that morning, I would have been more conservative in Orleans.) That said, it’s awfully hard to feel contrite when one is surrounded by bagfuls of handpainted silk, cashmere, baby merino and their yarngasmic ilk. *happy sigh*

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