Not happy

I finished Dora Ohrenstein’s Sage Jacket a while ago, just hadn’t sewn on the button, because I couldn’t find it. Now that I unearthed it (right where it should be) and have tried the cardi on a number of times for the correct button placement, I realize that I’m not happy with it.

I think it’s the three distinct color blocks. It doesn’t exactly flatter my rather rubenesque lay-out (especially the horizontal block across the boobs – what was I thinking?). It doesn’t even look good on Mathilda, my long-suffering body double, which is not encouraging.


I’m quite ready to frog the whole thing. But the tiger, bless his heart, says he likes it, and so does my friend Marg. So, now I’m wondering whether it would make sense to overdye it black? Maybe add some sort of a collar, so I can actually wear it open without it sliding off my shoulders? (That’s another thing I don’t particularly like, that I can only wear it closed.) Or am I kidding myself and throwing good time after bad for something I would never wear?

Any thoughts?

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4 Responses to Not happy

  1. Harpo716 says:

    I like it, but I can see why you would have doubts about the sharp line between the white and blue, I do think dyeing black may be a little on the extreme side… I would be more tempted to run it into a blue toned dye bath and see how that comes out…

    • Anja says:

      Also a possibility. I’d just have to find a dark one, I think; otherwise I still end up with the wide middle block between the inset sleeves. Wonder if the different hues would take on a darker color evenly in any case.

  2. Amy J says:

    Afraid I’m not much help on the dying front, but I will now be using ‘rubenesque’ far more frequently. Since I returned from my holiday, I’ve been describing myself as ‘florida-esque’, far too much fried food!