I *was* going to paint the trellises today

I swear, I was. Only it was still a bit cloudy and humid today. Paint wouldn’t have dried well in this weather, right? Aaaaanyway, I had this whole lovely batch of fibre reactive dyes sitting there, waiting patiently to be tried out. And I acquired all these skeins of cotton on Thursday. Right? And besides, I’d been depriving myself of a good yarn dyeing spree ever since we started to tackle the basement. Things just came to a head today. I *had* to dye. Right? Right.

I had nine skeins of something like a fingering or light sport weight of cotton and one large skein of lace weight cotton. I thought I’d use up all my dye on them, but I had lots left over, so I ended up dyeing a handful of sock yarn skeins as well. (I also managed to spot dye the shirt I was wearing and my hands, even though I wore gloves.) So far, the colors look spectacular. If they look that good after the skeins have been rinsed, I’ll be extremely pleased. And I only have to wait until tomorrow to find out. *starts pacing the floor*

Dye stuff

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